Spring Clean This Saturday – May 19

HPIC: Building Clean-Up     9am-2pm
The tasks listed below have been broken down into ” like” kind,  we need a Lead on all and then volunteers to follow. Grab a neighbor/friend/uncle etc. Everything from scrubbing to tightening up plumbing fixtures! We have every intent of making HPIC shine. Email Nickie Jostol: nlgj55@gmail.com to sign up.

HPAC: Clean-Up Kenyon Right-of-Way btwn 13th and 14th     10am-2pm
This year, in addition to helping HPIC with their efforts cleaning up the building, HPAC will also be focusing on the right of way between 13th and 14th on Kenyon from 10am to 2pm- So if bushwacking and trailblazing is your thing, please join us and bring your gloves because there are a lot of blackberries and trash.

There will be snacks and beverages at HPIC, plus we are expecting a new food truck in the parking lot: Rollin Q – authentic Texas downhome Southern Cooking! http://www.rollinq.com/ from noon to 3pm. Festive!

HPIC Task List
Task Group 1

  • reorganize media closet, to include designated space for small office
  • organize closets in both bathrooms to hold more storage

Task Group 2

  • pressure wash exterior

Task Group 3

  • deep clean interior: paneling, floor boards, floors in storage rooms, wash closet, etc.

Task Group 4

  • paint inside wall over dance floor
  • touch up brown trim

Task Group 5

  • tighten/replace toilets seats in Women’s
  • re bolt/replace toilet paper holders in Women’s
  • tighten up the plumbing fittings for the faucets in both restrooms

Task Group 6

  • replace smoke alarm in kitchen, it is gone
  • replace lights that flicker or are burned out

Task Group 7

  • add bolts to tables and chairs
  • throw away broken tables


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