The Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) – the heart of our community since 1919.
HPIC belongs to our neighborhood and is powered by volunteers.

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We’re YOUR gathering place in the community. Join us for our next neighborhood event!


Corner Bar – Friday July 5, starting at 6pm

These are special times. Special times deserve music from special people! The wizard of the Hammond B-3, Ron Weinstein, brings you to edge of enchantment, his fingers dazzling and dealing the cosmos. The lord of the drums, Mike Peterson, will take you on a roller coaster throughout the peaks and valleys that percussion can create, and then he will shove you into the abyss. The magic of the two will create others who will join in the insanity.

Unknown dreams are created in the space between the two as they face off and create the very loud jazz that you have always wished for.

Join us the day after we celebrate our glorious independence. Revel in the fury that awaits. Bring your kinfolk and neighbors. Let us all pull together and enjoy the music that has been proclaimed as sensitive jazz for obnoxious so-and-so’s! A delicate mix of jazz standards and original compositions.

All ages! All the time! Food & Drink for purchase!

Celebrating our Centennial by the decade! This month we celebrate the 70’s – so let’s get down, get down, get down, get down, Get down tonight Baby! Dress in one of myriad 70’s styles, come in character, borrow colorful 70s props, and pose for photos in our classy booth. Check out the splendid July installment of the HPIC Decade Banners – a new graphic design montage on display each month at Corner Bar, to help us get immersed in those fabulous bygone times. It’s cool to the max! Thanks to our inspired volunteers – Dina Johnson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Michele Witzki and other special contributors – that have put so much effort into documenting our history in such a way.

Art Lounge – Friday July 12, starting at 7pm

The Highland Park Improvement Club is Celebrating its Centennial Birthday all through 2019!

We will be honoring this significant milestone all year long at Corner Bar and in our newsletter, each month revealing a theme and connection to what was going on in the world and our community, culminating in a large celebration in November 2019! We seek to share the biography of our story over the past 100 years, commemorating our rich historical presence  and meaningful contributions to the community, honoring the people that have defined and sustained our presence and made us what we are today, and inspiring every neighbor to join the volunteer family that makes up the spirit of HPIC, ensuring our continued presence for the next 100 years to come. Come celebrate with us!

Next Meeting Weds, June 26, 2019
Highland Park Action Committee: An all volunteer & not for profit. Our role is to be an advocate for Highland Park and to affect positive change in our neighborhood. Please join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month – Doors open at 6:30 pm – Meeting from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at the Highland Park Improvement Club on the corner of 12th Ave SW and SW Holden. Email:  hpacchair@gmail.com