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HPIC Rebuild Progress

We are making progress in design! The graphic below shows where we are in the architect’s the design process – they are working on the permit drawings, with a current permit submittal date of February 27, 2023.

We have selected Metis Construction, Inc as contractor for the building. Metis has worked with HPIC before, installing a new beam over the dance floor while the club was shut down during the pandemic.

Metis is employee owned, local (in Georgetown) and we’ve found them to be  flexible and collaborative, open to working with the community and bringing helpful ideas to be considered.

Metis did a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) look at pricing for the building and the estimate is $3.1M. Here are some initial efforts toward cost-cutting:

  • Value engineering, as the design process continues
  • Potentially reclaiming and reusing materials from the remains of the old building
  • Working with community members who have offered to help find donated or discounted materials
  • Planning volunteer work parties when possible

We are planning a phased approach, with the goal of Phase 1 to get the building open and certified for occupancy so that we have a gathering space again and can continue to fundraise and generate income in the time-honored tradition of HPIC.

We are working in an environment of accelerating costs – according to the Mortenson Cost Index, construction costs increased 9.6% over the last 12 months nationally and 9.3% in Seattle. HPIC will continue to work with whatever challenges come our way and get the Rebuild done!

Here’s what we have so far:

  • $500k insurance
  • $250k insurance on building completion
  • $50k community donations
  • $400k BFA grant
  • = $1.2M

Schematic drawings for the HPIC Rebuild

Behind the scenes we are moving forward. Our architect Wittman-Estes has finished the schematic drawings and is now working on permit drawings. Meanwhile fundraising continues and every dollar helps! For more information check out the Town Hall recordings below, or write to us.

New Signage on Holden - Celebrating the bridge reopening

New ‘Burma-Shave’ boards up on the sidewalk outside HPIC. Highland Park poet Judith Camann has penned the latest message, just in time to celebrate the West Seattle Bridge reopening.
The “B-sides” are drawings of some fantastical bridges, hiding the HPIC initials.
Artwork: Kay Kirkpatrick, Monica Cavagnaro, Kelly Lyles; poem by Judith Camann
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HPIC interim gathering space outdoors - still trying!

UPDATE: We are still working on organizing outdoor events after learning that we can’t use our site as-is because of insurance and safety concerns. It is very challenging but we will succeed! This experience has made us realize even more how important it is to have our own community gathering space!

We worked with our project managers at the Department of Neighborhoods to pivot our original Neighborhood Matching Fund grant (for the interior Community Gathering and Performance Space Renovation) to support outdoor gathering spaces for limited programming and events as we go through the rebuilding process. This would include tents, tables, chairs, portable outdoor heaters, two shipping containers for storage, porta-potties, lighting and other items to facilitate outside activities while the rebuilding process goes on.

It’s an unusual request to repurpose such a grant, and we thank our colleagues at the Department of Neighborhoods for their help and support in considering this revision and working with us through many changing constraints.

Time for reflection and transformation

During this time, as we make sure the physical space is safe and secure, we are also considering our internal structure and how we can rebuild and refresh that too – board structure, volunteer coordination, the meaning of membership and more. We will be reaching out to the community for your input as we begin to envision the revived physical space and what it might embody. Stay tuned!

Diversity and Inclusion at HPIC

Change is occurring on all levels at HPIC. Now, as we recover from the fire that closed our building June 25, 2021, we are also examining the club’s own history, processes and programming in order to better represent and celebrate the diversity of our community, and foster inclusion throughout all that we do as an organization.

The HPIC board cares deeply about the people of our community, and we want to be explicit about our stand for social justice. We have a lot to learn, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you. If you have ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see, please reach out to be a part of the change.

The Story of our BLM Banner

In the Summer of 2020, Members of Highland Park Improvement Club eagerly created and installed a large Black Lives Matter banner on to the garden fence to show support for the rise of the movement and to acknowledge the long overdue attention to this human issue.

Soon after, the banner was stolen and destroyed; pieces were found on surrounding streets near HPIC. In early July, the West Seattle Blog covered the story and asked for the community to keep an eye out and give any information they had regarding the theft. A local sign shop owner saw the article and graciously offered to make a replacement banner. He thoughtfully made two banners, just in case there was another theft.

The new banner was hung on the fence but vandalized with graffiti soon after. The third banner was also destroyed; sliced in a few places that were able to be repaired and re-hung, but then once again, shredded beyond repair.

With this more permanent attempt at a show of support we acknowledge that we continue to proudly believe that Black Lives Matter and that we refuse to succumb to the fear of destruction. HPIC stands proudly with the BIPOC community


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