The first salvaged treasure.

HPIC is the house our community built. A fire can't keep us down.

Nothing could have prepared any of us for waking up to such devastating news. While we share our sadness and loss with so many in this community, this moment is just a scar that will be woven into the fabric of our century-old story, and in the end will only serve to make us stronger. As we emerge from our shock, we are already focusing on how to rebuild our beloved space, as well as how we can continue to serve the community until our doors swing wide open again. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are resilient and can adapt to the most challenging of circumstances, to still be an important presence to meet the needs of our community. Together, we’ve got this.

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Yes, we will have the Giant Garage Sales: July 10, Aug 14 and Sept 11

July spaces sold out! Space still available August and September.

This summer of almost post-pandemic we decided to triple the fun of our popular Giant Garage Sale – and then the fire happened. And then we realized the Garage Sales would be perfect – already outdoors with plenty of space and opportunity for vendors to show their wares and ingenuity and for shoppers and neighbors to show their support and gather again. We welcome the community to peruse the sales and keep our gathering space alive and active. We will have refreshments too. A fire can’t keep us down!

All the previously donated items for sale were lost in the fire, so if you still have saleable items you’d like to donate, write to us here, attention Garage Sale.

  • Three Saturdays (July 10, Aug 14 and Sept 11, from 10am to 3pm.
  • Music, food and beverages (including pop-up bar) will be available.
  • Can’t sell but have items? Donations of saleable items accepted for HPIC table – all monies go to HPIC with BIG thanks!
  • Come have fun and support HPIC and our sellers

For Booth Rental:

  • Contact hpic1919@gmail.com attn: Garage Sale
  • Suggested donation for a 10×10 space and (1) 8-foot table is $30 ($60 for all 3 dates) – payment due in advance. Sign up and pay here!
  • Rain or shine, sale will go on
  • Bring your own table, tent and whatever you need for your space – our utilities are currently unavailable
  • All unsold items must be taken with you after the sale. Due to Covid there are no donation trucks available for pick up of unsold items – and we have no place to store them anyway
  • No public restrooms (but we will have porta-potties)

Diversity and Inclusion at HPIC

Change is occurring on all levels at HPIC. Not only are we taking this time to make much needed improvements to our building, we are also examining the club’s own history, processes and programming in order to better represent and celebrate the diversity of our community, and foster inclusion throughout all that we do as an organization.

The HPIC board cares deeply about the people of our community, and we want to be explicit about our stand for social justice. We have a lot to learn, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you. If you have ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see, please reach out to be a part of the change.

The Story of our BLM Banner

In the Summer of 2020, Members of Highland Park Improvement Club eagerly created and installed a large Black Lives Matter banner on to the garden fence to show support for the rise of the movement and to acknowledge the long overdue attention to this human issue.

Soon after, the banner was stolen and destroyed; pieces were found on surrounding streets near HPIC. In early July, the West Seattle Blog covered the story and asked for the community to keep an eye out and give any information they had regarding the theft. A local sign shop owner saw the article and graciously offered to make a replacement banner. He thoughtfully made two banners, just in case there was another theft.

The new banner was hung on the fence but vandalized with graffiti soon after. The third banner was also destroyed; sliced in a few places that were able to be repaired and re-hung, but then once again, shredded beyond repair.

With this more permanent attempt at a show of support we acknowledge that we continue to proudly believe that Black Lives Matter and that we refuse to succumb to the fear of destruction. HPIC stands proudly with the BIPOC community


Spring refresh: street sign art on Holden

Ready to leave winter behind! Thanks to artists Kay,
Kelly (aka Easter Bunny), Judith (not pictured) and Monica.

The Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) – the heart of our community since 1919.

HPIC belongs to our neighborhood and is powered by volunteers.

Ongoing and in-process:

HPIC received a generous $50,000 grant from 4Culture for structural improvements and partial roofing for the building.

Thanks to 4Culture for supporting our neighborhood gathering space and recognizing its value with this grant. We look forward to these mostly hidden but important upgrades that will keep us strong. Thanks also for Covid-relief support to help us pay our bills during this challenging time.

And thanks to Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant of $25,840 to revitalize our Gathering and Performance Space.

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Highland Park Action Committee: All volunteer & not for profit. Our role is to be an advocate for Highland Park and to affect positive change in our neighborhood. Currently meeting via Zoom. Check our website https://hpacinfo.wordpress.com/ or email hpacchair@gmail.com.