Hooray for the Food Trucks!

Thanks to the West Seattle Blog for the article and pictures of the food trucks’ first day at HPIC. We were so busy eating ginger pork lumpia and curry chicken tacos and talking with friends and neighbors and other happy customers, we forgot to take pictures!

There was a steady stream of customers from the opening at 11am till closing at 3pm, and the proprietors of both Lumpia World and Curry Now said they had a good day. Derrick of Lumpia World envisions an on-going pod of several food trucks in our parking lot, and we think the neighborhood and folks from all around will love it!

They plan to be at HPIC regularly on Saturdays, so come out and support good food in the neighborhood, and have yourself a tasty meal. There are sheltered tables and chairs, and a very good chance of running into friends.