Highland Park’s Got Good Cooks…and Talent!

Highland Park/Riverview is a friendly neighborhood with a great mix of people. Our first Harvest Dinner drew lots of new faces who have met through other neighbors, at HPIC classes, walking the dog and (we’re pretty sure in the future) at the Food Trucks on Saturdays.

What a feast we had, so much to choose from: roast chicken, pot roast, pork roast, fried green tomatoes, squash with spicy pepitas, cranberries and bleu cheese; brussels sprouts with pancetta, corn souffle, beet salad, zucchini fritters, scalloped potatoes, baked spaghetti, fresh baked challah, apple pie, blackberry cobbler, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate cake…and more!

Plus attendees brought a dinner plate to leave behind and help stock the community kitchen we are building. So the plate you brought will be serving folks (and you!) for years to come. And they are nice plates!

After dinner we had entertainment from members of Twelfth Night Productions:

Twelfth Night 1

Twelfth Night 2
Very fun! And our old upright piano got to join. Next Saturday, October 15, is Twelfth Nights’ annual fundraiser. For more info, check their website.

Ahmed Raw and the African Knights
(website) closed out the evening with a mix of original world music and cover tunes, with very much heart and energy.
ahmed raw

Thank you all, so much!