Diversity and Inclusion at HPIC

Change is occurring on all levels at HPIC. Not only are we taking this time to make much needed improvements to our building, we are also examining the club’s own history, processes and programming in order to better represent and celebrate the diversity of our community, and foster inclusion throughout all that we do as an organization.

The HPIC board cares deeply about the people of our community, and we want to be explicit about our stand for social justice. We have a lot to learn, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you. If you have ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see, please reach out to be a part of the change.

Drive by and Sign “Hi!” – Thurs Aug 6, 5:30pm through September

The Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) unveils its first outdoor sandwich board art display this Thursday, August 6th at 5:30 pm in honor of Seattle’s First Thursdays. The Burma Shave Ad inspired recycled creation is a multimedia, multicultural, multilingual piece created to amaze and amuse your drive, by Kay Kirkpatrick, Judith Camann, Kelly Lyles and Monica Cavagnaro.  View it coming and going on the north side of SW Holden Street between 11th SW & 12th SW in front of HPIC at 1116 SW Holden St through September.

Cruisin’ for a Bingo! Friday August 14, 6pm to 8pm​

Come Aboard the USS Non-COVID Cruise ship to travel to the Bahamas with your favorite bartender, Odin!! Download your bingo cards and get ready to go to the Bahamas while we play. The icing on the cake? There is no way you can catch Covid-19!! Hop on the zoom call with your favorite bartender, Odin! Get your drink through the link! Vanessa is crafting up some Mai Tai-19’s!!

Register on Eventbrite. Bingo is free, but you can also purchase a bottle of wine (selection and cost on Eventbrite), which comes with 2 commemorative wines glasses from our yearly Uncorked event. You can also purchase a Mai Tai-19 to go.

1. Wine/Mai Tai pick up: Day of the event at HPIC – time TBD
2. The person who orders the wine/Mai Tai must pick up the items with their ID and ticket they purchased.
3. Have fun!

Come paint with us! – Saturday July 11, 2-4 pm

Sick and tired of being bored in the house?! Then come paint with us! You are more than welcome to join us for free. All you will need is a canvas, paint in primary colors and a wifi connection!

Register on Eventbrite here. Painting is free, but you can also purchase a bottle of wine (selection and cost on Eventbrite), which comes with 2 commemorative wines glasses from our yearly Uncorked event.
1. Wine pick up: Day of the event at HPIC between 10am-12pm
2. The person who orders the wine must pick up the wine with their ID and ticket they purchased.
3. Have fun!

Remember Uncorked

Our biggest event of the year, the 12th Annual Highland Park Uncorked Winetasting Fundraiser, would have been today – Saturday May 16, 2020.

As we continue to Stay at Home during these challenging times, remember Uncorked and raise a toast: donate and join/renew your membership, on this day that would have been our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Uncorked will be back, our ability to gather will be back, we will get through this! Until then – stay safe and healthy! Thanks for your support.

Color to Bring Us Together

We’re excited to introduce our HPIC coloring page! Color this and put it in your window – show your love and solidarity! Thanks to our neighbor Sonya Rupnick for creating this artwork that reflects HPIC and our neighborhood and is perfect for coloring. Click on the image for a printable version, print and color as many as you like, and post in your windows so we can feel together even though we are apart.

And when we are finally able to gather again – which will be a very special event – we will ask everyone to take the colored artworks from their windows and bring them to the club, where we will create a collective display with them for everyone to see and feel connected.

A Letter from the HPIC Board

It’s times like these where the truest sense of COMMUNITY shines like a bright light.  The mission for the Highland Park Improvement Club is to serve our community, to provide a place for people to feel connected, safe, and to foster positive community engagement today and in future generations. In response to the current health situation and to do our part to protect the public and the people in our community from COVID-19, extra precautions are being taken to ensure that the Club is clean and safe.  We have asked people using the Club for meetings, classes, rentals, etc. to remain home and not attend if they are sick. As always, the Club will be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

If you are missing our events and staying connected to the community, consider making a donation through HPIC, where we’ll use all donations to directly support the community during this time of need.


The HPIC Board met this week and has decided to make the following changes to its programming:

  • All HPIC-hosted events are CANCELLED through April 6th, when we will reassess the situation.  This includes Art Lounge, Classic Cards & Cocktails, Friday Night Live, and April Corner Bar.
  • Uncorked, our largest fundraiser of the year, is POSTPONED at this time. It’s usually held in May, and planning has already begun.  We will assess whether it makes sense to host in the fall or to cancel altogether as the situation unfolds.
  • Private events and classes held at the club are up to the DISCRETION of the renters, instructors, and guests. We understand that classes are a source of revenue for instructors in our community and are sensitive to the impact of shutting those down. Please use your best judgment, and take precautions to keep our Club and its visitors safe and clean.  If you have something scheduled at the club and need to cancel or reschedule, please know that we will accommodate any changes that are needed, we are here to help you through it.


Collectively we are refocusing our efforts to be a resource to the community in a new way, which changes every day.  We have many things in work, under the excellent guidance and compassionate leadership of our Club Manager, Odetta Owen.  We are currently serving as a hub for food preparation, storage and distribution to students and families of many local schools.  Additionally, the Club is now listed with United Way and the Seattle PTSA chapter as a resource for families during the now 6 weeks that schools are ordered to be closed.  We will continue to seek ways that we can be of service to the greater community and our impacted neighbors.  We have some virtual information sessions that we are looking into hosting in the near future, as well as a way to still stay connected and support each other from a distance.  Please reach out to us at hpic1919@gmail.com if you feel we could help you or the community/families that live here in some way.

Thank you to ALL that are stepping forward to support each other, serving those in need, and demonstrating what is possible when we work together and care for one another with compassion during times of crisis and need.

Nicole Mazza & the HPIC Board, 3/13/2020

Corner Bar – Friday March 6, 6pm

March! Already! Come join the party with all your friends. New Primitives Trio is going to give you all the excitement you can handle at this month’s Corner Bar.

Cruising in from the Twin Cities, Stan and New Primitives Trio are going to give it to you all – Reggae/Ska, R&B, Afro Cuban, World Music, deep Funk and American Rock and Roll.

Check them out – https://www.newprimitives.com/

Enter the Corner Bar and sing the praises of the New Primitives.
As always, it’s free, all ages! Food and drink available for your Friday night feast.