Two ways to donate!

We are launching this fundraising effort to raise $100,000 (or more) in our community: 100 donations x $1000 = $100,000 – a reachable and respectable goal for our community that will really boost our fundraising efforts and show other funders how strongly the community supports the project to Rebuild HPIC. HPIC Building Boosters who donate $1000 or more to this campaign will receive a memento of the old HPIC, hand-crafted by a local neighborhood artist, plus name recognition in the completed building.

Donations can be made through a one-time donation, or through a monthly pledge amounting to $1,000 or more during this capital campaign to Rebuild HPIC!

If you’d prefer to donate by check, please write check and mail to: Highland Park Improvement Club, PO Box 46253, Seattle, WA 98146 (please include your name and email address).

Thanks for your patience  – please let us know if you have any problems! We are working to institute more payment options too!