Remember – Corner Bar this Friday and Yes, There are Rules


Breaking News – HPIC is getting a new Liquor License!

Until now, Corner Bar has always operated under a Special Occasion License which allows non-profits to sell alcohol up to 12 times a year; hence the once a month event. We will now be operating under a temporary Non-Profit Arts Organization liquor License with the hope that this will be made permanent. This type of license allows us to sell alcohol at any art event. Obtaining this permit has been a tremendous amount of work and has great value to HPIC. In order to get and keep the permit, we want to remind you of some basic rules.


Rules?! There are no…OK, there are a few rules…

Keep in mind that we did not make these rules. Violation of these rules could cause us to lose our ability to hold Corner Bar and similar events. Everyone that works at Corner Bar is a neighbor and a volunteer. Please do not make them have to enforce the rules. If you see a neighbor violating a rule, please let them know so that they can avoid the awkwardness of someone they do not know telling them.

1. Bring your ID

 If you have never looked in the mirror and asked “When did I get old?” or “When did I turn into my Mother (or Father)?” then you need to be ready to be asked for your ID.

2. No Intoxicants from Outside HPIC

You cannot bring in your own beer, wine, or cannabis. We do not sell cannabis and the permit does not allow it to be consumed on the HPIC property (building or lot). If you feel the desire for this, you will have to consume it elsewhere

Keep in mind that this is a fundraising event. There is no cover charge, so we are relying on the purchase of beverages, alcoholic or not. That is not the reason for the rule, but it could be! As it is, we get to blame the State.

3. No Alcohol Outside

We are working on a permit to allow us alcohol in the courtyard, but alcohol must stay inside until then.

Corner Bar this Friday February 5th!