Performance Workshop with Athena Nation Saturday, Feb 2

Workshop One
Fight or Flight?

At Highland Park Improvement Club

Having trouble getting it on paper or getting on stage?
Me, too!

I had to construct a way for me to work through my fear and ended up creating improv poetry. Only, I created it AS I was just getting onto poetry stages in 1997. I had to create a way for my voice to literally emerge from me that didn’t sound like everybody else on stage and was true to my craft. Improv, Stand-up comedy, and Slam broke me down, then built me up. They helped me learn not to be afraid (okay, less afraid) of that damn microphone and audience. It got me to concentrate on why I was there: My work. My writing.

I want to show you some techniques and exercises in writing and stage work to help you simply feel comfortable. This will include reading, editing, rewriting, and performing in front of your classmates. The goal, though, is to get you on stage with an audience and a microphone.

I also work one-on-one with people if you’re not ready for a group dynamic. Hey – I’m not a fan, either, but collaboration and healthy critique are valuable skin-thickeners!

Come to the workshop!
Four hours with a half-hour break
Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2013

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