Lantern Making Workshop, Sunday December 27

The Highland Park Improvement Club is hosting a luminaria (lantern) making workshop on Sunday December 27th from noon until 6:00.  HPIC members, friends and families, and neighbors are welcome to join.  Even if you are not making a lantern, please stop in and say hello to your neighbors!

Balloon Lanterns
Visiting artist Tricky Bunny from the Fremont Arts Council will provide instruction on how to make a paper mache lantern.  To make a balloon lantern, please bring:
— Balloon(s)
— Tissue paper (colorful tissue paper looks especially pretty)
— Wire to attach your lantern to a stick or rod
— Tea candle (the kind where the candle is in a metal cup

Tricky Bunny will provide Elmer’s wood glue, dry wall paper paste, acrylic medium for paper mache, and a hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks, along with demonstration.  Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting glue or paper mache goop on.  (Also, for gluten allergy sufferers, please note that wallpaper paste contains gluten.)

Bring snacks to share! Children are welcome.
For more information, Email HPIC or leave a message at 206-762-9825.