It is Game Night at HPIC Corner Bar! – This Friday 4/3

Friday, April 3rd, doors open at 6 pm. Yes, we have game.


Bring your favorite game! From “Candy Land” to “Cards Against Humanity”, we will be playing games this Friday. Bring a couple. HPIC will have some games for you, but everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite. You can play cards as well. If you are playing poker, be sure to play only for chips.

Draft beer, wine and a Raspberry Lemon Drop cocktailAs always, we offer a wide assortment of non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Green Guidance – Walking or bicycling to the event is encouraged. It’s green, it makes the neighbors happier and provides a safe walk home!

Parental Guidance – There are toys and games set up on tables. Parents, please be aware of your child’s activities.  Activities such as ball throwing and chasing games are discouraged.