HPIC’s Fundraising Sprint


What are we asking:

  • Help Support HPIC’s 9 Month Fundraising Sprint
  • Fundraising Goal & Timeline: Raise $2.6m in 9 months or less, for a total of $3.4m
  • Groundbreaking in Fall of 2023 depends on 80% of funding by Q3 of 2023
  • Planned opening in late 2024
  • Need the community’s Time + Talent + Treasure now to make this happen quickly!

Why are we asking:

  • We must preserve this gathering place to connect with our neighbors and spotlight local artists – this is a unique venue for our neighborhood, even as gathering places and performance venues are being lost in Seattle
  • Creating this venue for art, music and performance is a magnet for community connection
  • Centering inclusivity makes this a safe space for everyone who wants to participate and connect

How it works once it’s open:

  • Regular music and performance-based events for local artists with an open invite to community
  • Space stays solvent as a rental space for arts & culture, indoor exercise like dance and yoga, event rental space (quinceaneras, graduations, etc), and civic events for local issues and candidate forums.
  • Connection point for community experiencing food insecurity
  • Eco friendly and sustainable space with updated heating/cooling, healthier ventilation with connection between indoors and outdoors, rain garden, solar panels and more

Where your money goes:

  • We have selected Metis Construction, Inc as contractor for the building. Metis did a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) look at pricing for the building and the estimate is $3.1m. Here are some initial efforts toward cost-cutting:
    • Value engineering, as the design process continues
    • Potentially reclaiming and reusing materials from the remains of the old building
    • Planning volunteer work parties when possible
  • Design (architectural, structural, survey, mechanical, electrical, other consultants and permitting costs are expected to be around $300k
  • Total fundraising goal = $3.4m
  • We are planning a phased approach, with the goal of Phase 1 to get the building open and certified for occupancy so that we have a gathering space again and can continue to fundraise and generate income in the time-honored tradition of HPIC.

Funding – here’s what we have so far:

  • $500k insurance
  • $250k insurance on building completion
  • $50k community donations
  • $400k BFA grant (pending full funding by state legislature)
  • = $1.2M