HPIC Work Party Saturday 4/22 – and maybe Sunday

Help for “Eyebrow” Un-raising


Thanks to all of you who offered to help – Yes! A dumpster will be delivered tomorrow morning to receive the sawed up remnants of the Eyebrow!
Starting at 11am Saturday, Sunday tbd depending on how much gets done Saturday.

Skills/tools needed: Sawzall, circular saw, long extension cords, gloves, eye protection, and ear protection if you want. The structure needs to be cut up and then placed into the dumpster in such a way that it holds all the material. There will be lots of nails poking out, so tough clothing, shoes and gloves highly recommended. If you want to bring snacks, that’s great too.

And even if you want to just stop by – please do, and cheer on the Eyebrow Un-Raising!


If this is the first that you are hearing of this, please see West Seattle Blog’s excellent coverage: