HPIC Corner Bar Welcomes McTuff and welcomes back DJ Rich! – This Friday 6/5

Friday, June 5th, doors open at 6 pm.


DJ Rich will be setting the mood until 7 pm, between band sets and after McTuff is done.

Hammond organist Joe Doria brings together some of the best of the NW music scene to create a powerful and jaw-dropping funk and jazz sound like you’ve never heard, exhibiting a mix of stellar musicianship, seasoned songwriting and deep groove where no musical stone gets unturned. McTuff is a movin’ and groovin’ adventure that you will not soon forget, featuring the incredible Tarik Abouzied on drums and Skerik on saxophone. Their first set will start at 7pm and they will play until 9:30, with a break (two sets).

Draft beer, wine and a Bourbon Ginger Lemonade cocktail! As always, we offer a wide assortment of non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Award Winning Wines! We have been calling them “wines of distinction” and now we have confirmation. The Seattle Wine Awards has just awarded medals to four of the wines that we will be serving you this week. Ancestry Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (SILVER), Ancestry Cellars Riesling(DOUBLE GOLD), NW Wine Academy Zinfandel (GOLD) and NW Wine Academy Chardonnay (DOUBLE GOLD). Corner Bar is the ONLY place that you can still taste the NW Wine Academy winners!

Green Guidance – Walking or bicycling to the event is encouraged. It’s green, it makes the neighbors happier and provides a safe walk home!

Parental Guidance – There are toys and games set up on tables. Parents, please be aware of your child’s activities. Activities such as ball throwing and chasing games are discouraged.