Corner Bar presents “Robbie Burns Night” this Friday – February 7th


Friday, February 7th, doors open at 6 pm.

6 PM to 6:45 PM: Bagpipe performance

6:45: Let the Food and Drink begin!

Draft beer, wine and special cocktail Highland Park Fling! As always, we offer a wide assortment of non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Whisky tasting! With special guest Master Distiller Berle W. Figgins Jr. from Batch 206 Distillery.

Uisge Beatha, a Celtic trio, will be providing live music. The band’s name means “lively water” or ”water of life”. One of it’s pronunciations (uish-gi) eventually became “whisky”, which is what it was referring to all along.

So, wear your Scottish tartans, kilts, Glengarry and Ghillie Brogues or come as you are. On Friday, we are all Scottish.

Parental Guidance – There are toys and games set up on tables. Parents, please be aware of your child’s activities.  Chasing games are discouraged.