Corner Bar is growing up and we want to hire a few bartenders!

Corner Bar is about to turn 5 years old! To date, it has been completely staffed by our hard-working, dedicated, passionate volunteers.  That’s around 1500 hours of our volunteers’ love, sweat, and cocktails in bartending time alone! Not to mention the countless additional hours spent to make Corner Bar happen each month – coordinating the food, cocktails, kegs, band, inventory, shopping, prepping, setup/cleanup, etc.  It’s a big effort.  It’s also a great reward for us.  We love our neighbors.

The time has come for our volunteers to enjoy Corner Bar from the other side of the bar – with a beverage in hand – and I think we can all agree they’ve earned it.

So we’re hiring a couple of bartenders to help run the bar!  If you are interested in serving the community, meeting new people, and want to be a part of ensuring Corner Bar continues to be a success for years to come, we want you to join our team!  We’re looking for 1-2 more bartenders to add to our team.  You must have a valid MAST permit. Pay is $15/hour + tips, and the primary shift we need help with is 5PM to 12AM on the first Friday of every month.  We are also working on exciting new events to bring to the club that will provide more opportunities to tend bar at HPIC.

If interested, please contact Nicole Mazza at!

Cheers!  It’s fun, we promise.