Corner Bar – Friday October 4, starting at 6pm

Low Hums! Make your presence known. Attend our monthly soirée. Be prepared to be amazed and bedazzled by the spectacular rhythms, moods, and beats. All are welcome. All are encouraged to enjoy fall as it turns into its full splendor.

“Low Hums are a wild rock and roll band from Seattle Washington, comprised of some very long time close friends. Musically, there are a lot of influences.. Probably too many to name. If you added up all the years each member has been playing in bands, buying records, listening to music.. Lets just say it’s a long time. Here’s a swing at it. First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, Acid Rock, 70’s rock, 80’s skate rock, The Sonics, Dead Moon, Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd… Early British Invasion like ‘Them’ or you know the Rolling Stones.. and perhaps a bit of Weird Spaghetti Western, Funkadelic, Howlin’ Wolf, Sun Ra…”

It’s right here in the neighborhood for you to enjoy. Count your blessings. Embrace HPIC. Feel HPIC.

PS – Band member(s) may be Highland Park neighbors.
Countdown to our Centennial, by the decade. This month we celebrate the 00’s – come peruse the y2k banner and see that we survived! Thanks to Dina Johnson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Michele Witzki and other special contributors – that have put so much effort into documenting our history in such a way.

As always, all ages, food and drink for purchase! Hope to see you this Friday.