Corner Bar – Friday August 2, starting at 6pm

Enjoy your First Friday dose of freedom! The force of nature comes riding a tornado from Tacoma. His guitar sings the words, his harmonica breathes the life, and his voice calls the spirits. Join the pride of Puyallup, Anthony Duron Estrada, as he brings his special force of nature through the streets of Highland Park and on to the holy dais of Corner Bar. His ensemble provides the chariot on which we all ride. Ron Weinstein‘s fiery organ lights the sky. Johnny Horn keeps the pace as the bass calls the distant thunder. The drums will be thumping to keep up with the magic the man with the guitar is slinging. it’s some hard charging blues.

Bring the family. Bring the fun. We are all here to just get it done!

Countdown to our Centennial, by the decade! This month we like totally celebrate the 80’s! Dress in rad 80’s style, come in character – we’re so sure!!! Borrow gnarlific 80s props, and pose for photos in our excellent booth. Check out the totally bitchin’ August installment of the HPIC Decade Banners – a new graphic design montage on display each month at Corner Bar, to help us get immersed in those righteous bygone times. We’re totally stoked! Thanks to our rockin’ volunteers – Dina Johnson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Michele Witzki and other special contributors – that have put so much effort into documenting our history in such a way.

As always, all ages, food and drink for purchase! Hope to see you this Friday.