Corner Bar – Friday April 5, starting at 6pm

Our exploration of Corner Bar takes us to the heart of the solar system. Energy crackles, fusion unleashes, galaxies are born and destroyed. A futuristic guitar unlocks the gateway and releases the possibilities the future holds. The man with the keys will be our guide through the quantum wilderness. The drummer will push and pull us across the spectrum of the fourth dimension. Adventure awaits those who cross the threshold.

Make sure your friends and neighbors do not miss the unique opportunity presented this first friday. A tale to be remembered for the ages. Your guides into the mist are Joe Doria (keys), Ari Joshua (guitar), and Brad Gibson (drums). Watch, listen, as they harness the forces of the universe. Believe!

All are welcome. Refreshments and sustenance are available for purchase. Entrance to the cosmos is free!

Celebrating our Centennial by the decade! The next installment brings the 40s (1939 – 1948) into the picture, so dress accordingly, come in character, take photos in our booth, and stop in to check out our amazing new installment of the HPIC Banners that will be on display at each Corner Bar, thanks to our amazing volunteers – Dina Johnson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Julie Schickling, and other special contributors – that have put so much effort into documenting our history in such an amazing way.