Advocate for Building for the Arts

UPDATE: Thanks to all who wrote to the Governor – that was the beginning of the process. It was never a guarantee that the amount recommended by the Department of Commerce would be fully funded – the Governor’s budget funded only half of the 32 projects recommended. Since then, the state Senate budget has fully funded the BFA grant. Thank you Senator Joe Nguyen and staff for your advocacy!

The state House budget has increased the funding, but so far not fully restored it. On the behalf of the remaining projects to be funded (including HPIC at number 26 on the list), we are writing our representatives to thank them for their advocacy – we know they have pushed for full funding for Building for the Arts. Please help us thank them and encourage their continued support – here are draft templates for each of the legislators. Please personalize, thank them and tell them again why HPIC is so important to the community and must be rebuilt.

Letters to our House Legislators:

Joe Fitzgibbon – BFA House support letterDRAFT

Emily Alvarado – BFA House support letterDRAFT

Thank you for your support of HPIC and all the other statewide organizations who’ve been selected to receive this funding, and for the Building for the Arts program itself.