A Letter from the HPIC Board

It’s times like these where the truest sense of COMMUNITY shines like a bright light.  The mission for the Highland Park Improvement Club is to serve our community, to provide a place for people to feel connected, safe, and to foster positive community engagement today and in future generations. In response to the current health situation and to do our part to protect the public and the people in our community from COVID-19, extra precautions are being taken to ensure that the Club is clean and safe.  We have asked people using the Club for meetings, classes, rentals, etc. to remain home and not attend if they are sick. As always, the Club will be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

If you are missing our events and staying connected to the community, consider making a donation through HPIC, where we’ll use all donations to directly support the community during this time of need.


The HPIC Board met this week and has decided to make the following changes to its programming:

  • All HPIC-hosted events are CANCELLED through April 6th, when we will reassess the situation.  This includes Art Lounge, Classic Cards & Cocktails, Friday Night Live, and April Corner Bar.
  • Uncorked, our largest fundraiser of the year, is POSTPONED at this time. It’s usually held in May, and planning has already begun.  We will assess whether it makes sense to host in the fall or to cancel altogether as the situation unfolds.
  • Private events and classes held at the club are up to the DISCRETION of the renters, instructors, and guests. We understand that classes are a source of revenue for instructors in our community and are sensitive to the impact of shutting those down. Please use your best judgment, and take precautions to keep our Club and its visitors safe and clean.  If you have something scheduled at the club and need to cancel or reschedule, please know that we will accommodate any changes that are needed, we are here to help you through it.


Collectively we are refocusing our efforts to be a resource to the community in a new way, which changes every day.  We have many things in work, under the excellent guidance and compassionate leadership of our Club Manager, Odetta Owen.  We are currently serving as a hub for food preparation, storage and distribution to students and families of many local schools.  Additionally, the Club is now listed with United Way and the Seattle PTSA chapter as a resource for families during the now 6 weeks that schools are ordered to be closed.  We will continue to seek ways that we can be of service to the greater community and our impacted neighbors.  We have some virtual information sessions that we are looking into hosting in the near future, as well as a way to still stay connected and support each other from a distance.  Please reach out to us at hpic1919@gmail.com if you feel we could help you or the community/families that live here in some way.

Thank you to ALL that are stepping forward to support each other, serving those in need, and demonstrating what is possible when we work together and care for one another with compassion during times of crisis and need.

Nicole Mazza & the HPIC Board, 3/13/2020