The rebuild begins with a design – and we want your input!​

So many talented people live in our neighborhood, including award-winning architect Matt Wittman, of Wittman Estes. He’s been a long-time HPIC supporter, and he and his firm are passionate about designing the rebuild. Wittman Estes has been unanimously selected by the Board to help us envision and create the space for our next hundred years.

Meet Matt virtually at our next Town Hall, where he will help us to gather input from the community about what the future of HPIC could be, from programs we offer to the space we hold them in.

Weds December 15
Zoom recording of Town Hall Meeting #2

Matt and his wife and partner in the firm, Landscape Architect Jody Estes, have lived in Highland Park for years, attending family Movie Nights way back when, and many Corner Bars too. Wittman Estes has been honored with numerous awards, including the national award winning Tsuga Townhomes on Highland Park Way. In acknowledgement and support of HPIC’s volunteer spirit and our community, Matt and Jody, principals of the firm, have pledged to contribute a generous amount of their time pro-bono.Matt and his team have helped us to develop an on-line survey to gather input from you regarding the re-visioning of the building – Take the HPIC Community Priority Questionnaire here.