Rental FAQ

  • Are serving utensils, plates and cups provided?

    A: No. You have full access of the kitchen, however, we only provide cleaning supplies. All serving pieces must be provided by the renter.

    Are pets allowed for private events?

    A: No. Pets are not allowed at private rentals at the club.

    How many tables and chairs are provided?

    A: There are (15) 8′ rectangle tables, (4) 72″ round tables, and 150 folding chairs available. No linens are provided.

    Can I sell admission at the event?

    A: No. Admission, if required, must be purchased in advance.

    What is an Event Steward and why do I have to pay for one?

    A: The Event Stewards are representatives of HPIC and answer questions that you might have to help ensure that your event goes as planned and remains within HPIC guidelines.

    Event Stewards are required for all parties, number and timing to be determined by HPIC prior to signing the contract.

    Do you accept checks for rental payment?

    A: Yes, but only if we have the check at least two weeks before your event (and the check clears).
    If you are paying us the day of your event, you must pay in cash or money order.

    Can I have alcohol at my event?

    A: Yes at private events, but not at events open to the public. You must have a banquet permit posted on site. Click here to open a window for the WSLCB banquet permit application

    Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell the alcohol that you serve.

    If I cancel the event, do I lose my deposit?

    A: If you cancel four or more weeks prior to your event, we provide a full refund. After that, we provide a 50% refund due to our lost rental opportunity.

    Do I get my deposit back?

    A: Yes! The deposit is returned two weeks after the rental, provided no damage is done and the building is left clean.

    Incidentals and rental overtime will result in a deduction of your deposit. Any damage and disturbance of the neighborhood will result in a complete loss of the deposit.

    What are the rental rates?

    A: You can find all the rental rates on our rental rates page.