Our practices have looked very different lately…

Crow Moon Yoga is now offering

Donation-based classes live streaming through Zoom

Find some peace through connection and mindful movement.

Click here to find Crow Moon Yoga / Sonja Spinarski’s streaming classes.


Wood Panel Yoga – suspended during Quarantine

Yoga classes at HPIC are community-oriented classes. We offer a safe, non-judgmental environment and skilled instructors. These classes are great for those brand new to yoga as well as those with a yoga background.

What to wear/ bring: Everyone needs to bring a yoga mat. We do have some yoga mats, blocks, and straps as well. You will want to wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in. Yoga tops, sports bras and fitted tee shirts/tank tops are a good choice. We will practice barefoot. You should not eat for an hour before yoga. Everyone should bring an open mind and sense of humor.

Class Cost: $10.00

Drop-ins Welcome

Suspended Schedule

Mondays @ 7pm (75 min)- Vinyasa Flow with Flower

Flower is our longest running yoga instructor at HPIC, helping to get HPIC on the yoga map! Flower’s classes are a dynamic blend of movement, breath and meditation with an emphasis on balancing strength and flexibility. Her passion is to use the power of yoga to illuminate humans purest potential. Flower has been practicing yoga since 2000, and teaching since 2012.

Main Influences: Himalayan Institute, Sri Vidya Tantra, Shari Freidrichson and her teacher Rod Stryker.

Tuesdays @ 8pm (60 min) – Candlelit Yoga with Sonja

While Sonja enjoys teaching a variety of styles of yoga, her Candlelit Classes are a special treat for those interested in ending their day with a deep, pleasant sigh. Candlelit Yoga is a unique blend of Yin, Restorative, Pranayama and Myofascial Release – all with the intention of settling yourself deeply into your body and mind, inviting you to find the ultimate unwind before bed. Arrive with your coziest of clothes on, a sweater and comfy socks at the ready!

Sonja’s background in Massage Therapy and passion in anatomy seasons her teaching and personal practice. She sees the body and mind through a lens of curiosity and awe, and loves to share that passion in her classes. Her yoga studies have followed Tiffany Cruikshank, Meghan Currie, Indira Kate Kalmbach, B.KS. Iyengar & Stephen Cope. She is the founder of Crow Moon Yoga, and also subs classes at 8 Limbs Yoga Center.


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