It’s times like these where the truest sense of COMMUNITY shines like a bright light. The mission of the Highland Park Improvement Club is to serve our community, to provide a place for people to feel connected, safe, and to foster positive community engagement today and in future generations. Here are some opportunities to CONNECT.

Help with Lunch Distribution

Through the Window Pane

Update: We have lots of volunteers who are Outside the Window, but have not connected with folks Inside the Window. If you know anyone who might like a visit from someone Outside the Window, please let us know!

Are you inside looking through your windowpane for a safe face, a conversation, some entertainment?  Are you able to be outside looking to fill an hour a week safely in front of a windowpane? Whichever side of the window you are on Highland Park Improvement Club has a vision for you.
We are looking to identify volunteers who: 

  • Cannot leave their homes, feel isolated and are seeking safe human interactions to talk, smile, sing and laugh with you while remaining safely inside. If you’re interested, email us at HPIC – Inside the Window.
  • Individuals or families who are looking for opportunities to talk, smile, sing and laugh from a front yard or walkway. If you’re interested, email us at HPIC – Outside the Window.

Through the Windowpane will train volunteers with safe distancing procedures, ways to communicate through a window, and other fun activities to lessen isolation while providing some structure and routine to your week.